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J.Z Szymański - Kancelaria prawna w Łodzi. Oferujemy kompleksowe usługi prawne dla firm i klientów indywidualnych. Gwarantujemy długoletnie bezpieczeństwo prawne.

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Kancelaria Adwokacka

Adwokat Jarosław Zdzisław Szymański

J.Z Szymański Kancelaria prawna w Łodzi - kompleksowa obsługa prawna, prawo sądowe, doradztwo prawne, prawo karne, prawo cywilne, prawo rodzinne, prawo gospodarcze, prawo podatkowe
Kancelaria prawna w Łodzi - kompleksowa obsługa prawna.


about the office

Jarosław Zdzisław Szymański has been an advocate since 1991. He started his professional career as a partner at the MS partnership, running his individual law firm at the same time. Now, he has focused on his own law firm exclusively. Rendering general legal counselling services, he has engaged in civil as well as criminal law cases. Over the years 1992-2008, he provided legal assistance for insurance companies and daughter companies of international concerns. He specialises in criminal law, with a particular focus on cases relating to economic law and criminal fiscal law. Jarosław Zdzisław Szymański has conducted political and lustration processes. His command of the German language has allowed him to cooperate with law firms from German speaking countries. His law office has carried out cases on behalf of foreign entities from the European Union and outside of the EU. As part of his duties at the Bar self-regulatory body, he held a function of a lecturer teaching criminal fiscal law and legal procedure to legal apprentices. He has also been a member of examining board during the Polish Bar examinations. In 2008, 2010, 2013 and 2016 he was delegated to the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th National Bar Congresses. He held the position of the Bar's spokesman and the chairman of the parliamentary law commission at the District Bar Association. Currently, since May 2013, he has held the position of the Dean of the District Bar Association in Łódź, member of the Polish Bar Council as well as member of the Programme Committee at one of non-public schools of higher education in Łódź. Jarosław Zdzisław Szymański is also the author of publications relating to procedural guarantees within the scope of civic rights and freedoms in the democratic criminal procedure.
Jarosław Zdzisław Szymański - Adwokat z 26 letnim doświadczeniem w zawodzie.

26 year experience

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Criminal law
Fiscal criminal law
Civil law
Family law
Economic law
Tax law

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